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Solutions for Financial Cramming 1


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I remember how it started.

It started on my last years of high school when my “school jeep” stopped taking me to school, and my dad would drive us there himself. (thanks dad, I owe you big time) It’s the feeling when you are always running for deadlines. Trying to get away with the minimum. In high school I didn’t struggle with it, I had good study habits, thanks to my 2 super-managing aunts – Click to see them Aunt1 & Aunt2. Then, college came. I have to leave house and try the world out on my own. And while I have good skills and talent to take me through the first 3 years, in my last years in university, I was struggling to pass.

the master crammer

What does all these things got to do with Finances? Simple. But let me ask you some questions. Have you every felt that your salary doesn’t always last to the next paycheck? Have you felt that you are running to keep up payments on your bills? Or are you borrowing to pay your current loans? Am I psychic or I just just know how it feels to be there. I still cram. Sometimes. I remember one of my favorite authors, Stephen Covey speak about the Law of the Farm. The Law of the Farm states that you reap what you sow. It states that todays modern world is getting away with the bare minimum, without integrity. Because in the Farm, if you want a good harvest, you must prepare the ground by tilling it, fertilizing it, planting seeds, and preventing weed growth. Same way with our finances we have to follow the right season for planting and harvesting.

see next blog for the Conclusion of this Blog 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Solutions for Financial Cramming 1

  1. This is good practical stuff. like it.

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